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Tobi Akingbolagun - the Home Cook
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Tobi Akingbolagun – the Home Cook

Initially, it was Tobi’s younger brother who enquired about taking up one of my monthly portrait slots. It was something they had spoken about before seeing my advert on Instagram. I guess you could say it was timely.


Tobi is a cook and I have eaten his food many times. I can guarantee you that he can handle himself well in the kitchen. His accolades in the kitchen are quite impressive.

He has attended the world-renowned culinary school ‘Le Cordon Blue’ and runs a well-attended supper club in London – which I would encourage you to go to whenever he runs them. I remember going to one of his supper clubs last November and he combined Mussels and Okra. It was what you didn’t know you needed on a wintry day.

He also serves up a Nigerian fusion barbecue cuisine called ‘Suya Spot’ which has enabled him to experiment with food he has grown up with and present it as a rich and nuanced eating experience.

What allowed him to go from a home cook to an aspiring chef, is that he was on the first season of the BBC’s cooking show ‘Britain’s Best Home Cook’ where he honourably finished as a semi-finalist.

The goal behind the session was to provide a set of images that Tobi could be used for marketing purposes. For example, a portrait in an apron and/or jacket would be perfect in introducing him as a cook. Another good use case is a consistent image he could use throughout his social media.

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