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Suya Spot, one of the most exciting pop-up culinary experiences in London
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Suya Spot with three extraordinary gentlemen

Episode 4 – Suya Spot with three extraordinary gentlemen

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I thoroughly enjoyed making this episode with the guys from Suya Spot. I have known these men for a while now, and it was interesting to have a conversation not only as friends but to talk to them as the founders of one of the most exciting African pop-up culinary experience in London – Suya Spot. Being of Nigerian heritage, it’s always fun to talk with fellow peoples from the motherland.

What is Suya Spot and who are the guys behind it?

In Episode 4, we have three guys trying to make the world a beautiful place with a famous signature delicacy made in Nigeria. Who would have guessed that something birthed out of a conversation with friends is about to turn one years-old? Suya Spot is more than a celebration and an experience. It is a place where different cultures gather to experience food from Nigeria, music and great company.

Interestingly all of them have a variety of knowledge and know-how across other industries from Finance, Advertising to the Arts. Allow me to introduce you (in no particular order, Tomi Akingbolagun, Tobi Akingbolagun and Folaju “FJ” Oyegbesan. These guys are not only amazing human beings, but a welcoming and an intelligent bunch of lads.

August 6, Suya Spot turns 1-year-old. So why don’t you join them as they celebrate the anniversary of our 1st #SuyaSunday with an afternoon filled with one of West Africa’s greatest creations – Suya!


Get your tickets by clicking here and who knows I might be giving away some tickets just so you can celebrate with them.

I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did. If you have any feedback or questions for this episode or the next, don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments field below.

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  • Kim Olatunji

    9th August 2017 at 11:05 pm Reply

    This episode is very enjoyable and just inspirational! I was never a lover of lamb or beef and I never knew what suya was. When I tasted the suya lamb chops from one of the pop up shops (lawd a mercy)! Loved it! I’ll be at the next one and the one after that, need to taste more!!!

    Well done guys!! Love of food! Keep it going.

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