I currently live in London, United Kingdom. I like collaborating and I'm consistently looking for opportunities where I can add value wherever possible. If you feel we should be working together, let's connect!

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Blog - Photography by Toyin Dawudu
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A portrait of Titilola Dawudu

Portrait mini-sessions with Titilola Dawudu

A few weeks ago, on my way to work, I made a few photographs with Titilola Dawudu. At the time in question, she was the Learning and Participation's manager at Ovalhouse. It happened coincidentally. I saw a doorway with a double-step porch, and I thought...

An example of creativitty in my opinion. A picture of Toyin and his son

Motivation, creativity and up-skilling myself

"Your why is your purpose" - Simon Sinek One's creativity can be a kind and cruel tool at times, depending on how you use it. I can't remember precisely when the creativity within me ceased. All I can remember was that I wasn't interested in making...

Suya Spot with three extraordinary gentlemen

Episode 4 – Suya Spot with three extraordinary gentlemen

Available on Itunes | SoundCloud | Stitcher I thoroughly enjoyed making this episode with the guys from Suya Spot. I have known these men for a while now, and it was interesting to have a conversation not only as friends but to talk to them as the founders...