I am based in between London and the West Midlands, United Kingdom.

I like collaborating and I'm consistently looking for opportunities where I can add value wherever possible. If you feel we should be working together, let's connect!

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About Me - Toyin Dawudu Photography
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A little about me

Born in London in the 80s, however, I would say I grew up in Nigeria first and then London. Like most British-born Nigerians, I love sports (an avid fan of Arsenal Football club) and reading. I enjoy a good whisky, and my favourite drink is a cold pint of Guinness (I don’t think I have ever turned down a pint of Guinness).


I’ve been pursuing photography as a career for a while, and it’s been an exciting trip so far. As well as photography, I’m very interested in technology. More specifically, writing code and building web applications and websites. Unfortunately, I didn’t create this website from scratch.

I think of myself more as a problem solver first rather than a photographer. I tend to work with people that are not all too comfortable in front of the camera, so it’s my job to make them feel as comfortable as possible in the pursuit of creating a remarkable photograph.


Think Future Experience – a podcast

Currently learning to code – Started February 2018


Front-End Web Developer ( HTML, CSS & JavaScript)

Conversational in Spanish & Yoruba

FA Level 2 Football Coach